COVID - If you have any symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, cough, fever or body aches) please refrain from joining any games until you are not showing anymore symptoms and have a negative COVID test. This is to protect not only the player community and bar staff but to protect you. If everyone follows these precautions, we can provide safe, fun games and keep running. Thank you for your consideration.

NEW TIME Saturdays at The Playing Field - the new time for Saturdays at the Playing Field are sign up at 2pm and game starts at 3pm.

Progressive Bad Beat News - The bad beat goes up every week $25, CAPPING AT $2500. Come play for your chance to win!

Season Certs - Please remember to hang on to ALL of your certs throughout the season.  This will make things run smoother at our finals. Players will get chip credit only for those certificates presented at Final's check-in.